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Start with the Basics

These  core features are available on all FSG checking accounts:

  • Over 24,000 in-network ATMs
  • Overdraft Protection Opt-in available
  • Online security through Trusteer Rapport

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Everything you need in a basic checking account.

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Premier Student
Experience the perks of checking on a higher level.

Head to college with the right checking for your money.

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Overdraft Protection Options

Worried about overdrawing your account? Enabling transfers from another FSG account allows FSG to pull the difference from a connected account, 1 saving you from hefty NSF fees. Any of these accounts are transfer possibilities:

  • savings accounts
  • money market accounts
  • personal lines of credit
  • other checking accounts

Contact Customer Care to enable Overdraft Protection.

Additional options

Another possibility for protecting yourself against overdrafts is FSG's Bounce Plus Protection . Access the Bounce Plus Protection button below for information about how you can opt in for even more payment protection.

 Bounce Plus Protection 

Using Your Checking Wisely

Find information on how to use your checking account wisely along with tips for managing your personal finances. Take a look at our Notes on Financial Responsibility.

  1. Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee is $9.95 per transfer ($6.95 for Student Checking)