Personal Lines of Credit

Life occasionally throws you a curveball. No need to back away, though. Hit a home run with FSG's Personal Line of Credit. Our Personal Line of Credit (or PLOC) offers you a flexible, revolving credit line that allows you to borrow, repay the amount, and borrow again as you need.

Use the PLOC for more than just an emergency fund, too. Keep it for covering major purchases, for consolidating higher interest rate debt, or even simply for cash on hand. Take out only what you need from the line of credit and pay interest on only the amount that you use.

The Personal Line of Credit also works as a great overdraft option for avoiding higher fees associated with non-sufficient funds. Connect your checking account to a Personal Line of Credit, and if you overdraw your checking account, the overcharged amount will be withdrawn from your line of credit. It's a simple way of letting your accounts work for your benefit behind the scenes.

Be prepared for whatever unexpected expenses—good or bad—come your way. Click below and apply today for your Personal Line of Credit.

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