Savings & CDs

Savings & MMAs

Grow without the high risk. With FSG Bank's Savings and Money Market Accounts (MMA), you're guaranteed a steady, low-risk path of earning interest on your deposits. Unlike stocks and other higher-risk investments, savings accounts and money market accounts with FSG provide you with a stable base on which you can grow your money for the future, whether for a special project or for just a rainy day. Our savings accounts and MMAs return on a tiered system, too, which means you earn interest at a higher rate through adding more to your account.

Value Savings

Our Value Savings is easy to start, simple and convenient to use. Experience benefits of:

  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE Mobile Banking
  • Up to six FREE withdrawals monthly 1
  • No monthly fee if you maintain a $300 daily balance 2

Advantage MMA

Our Advantage MMA is a great way to get started with your money market investments. Manage your money’s growth easily with:

  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE Mobile Banking
  • Six FREE transfers per month 1
  • No monthly fee if you maintain a minimum $1,000 daily balance 3

Performance MMA

For our customers wanting to boost their earning power on higher investments, we offer our Performance MMA. As a Performance customer, enjoy the same benefits as our Advantage MMA holders 4 while you excel to your higher rate of return.

Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from any of our savings or money market accounts, or stop by any of our branches to start your account today.

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Consider CDs for a more constant and potentially higher rate of return than your savings or MMA offers. Investing in a CD, or certificate of deposit, allows you to lock into a higher, fixed rate until the CD's maturity. 5

You need only $500 minimum to invest in any of FSG's short-term or longer term CDs. And while we offer terms anywhere from one week to five years, your annual rate of return increases when you invest with our longer terms.


Investors with large deposits exceeding FDIC insurance limits may wish to take advantage of our CDARS option. The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service lets you make one deposit with one rate at one bank while enjoying FDIC insurance on the entire deposit up to $50 million.

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  1. Additional transfers available for $4 per withdrawal.
  2. Standard $3.00 fee applies otherwise. No minimum balance required for minors under age 18.
  3. Standard $10.00 fee applies otherwise.
  4. The Performance MMA offers no monthly fee if you maintain a minimum $10,000 daily balance. Standard $15 fee applies otherwise.
  5. Withdrawing your money early from the CD before maturity of the agreed term results in loss of interest. For terms less than 92 days, all accrued interest is forfeited. Terms between 92 - 364 days lose 91 days of interest. Terms between 12 months and 36 months lose 182 days of interest. Any terms 36 months or more lose 365 days of interest.