Personal Loans

Open up your purchasing power with FSG Bank's Personal Loans. Our Personal Loans offer you flexible funding without requiring the collateral that other types of loans demand. Take advantage of competitive rates. Choose your monthly due date. Even select the method of payment most convenient for you.

Unsecured Loan

The Personal Unsecured Loan from FSG Bank can give you money toward almost anything—from weddings to home additions to vacations to whatever your hobbies might be. Borrow the extra cash you need without taking your loan out against the equity in your car or home.

FSG's Unsecured Loan provides you with a great way to consolidate debt while saving money, too. Rather than battling against the higher interest rates of a credit card, taking out an Unsecured Personal Loan from FSG Bank gives you a fixed rate that's easy to budget for the entire term of your loan.

So whether you're eyeing that new 70" flat screen, planning the nursery for your family’s new addition, or even building the startup costs for your new business, get started with your process by click the apply button today.

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CD Secured Loan

If you have money to use for collateral, consider FSG Bank's CD Secured Loan option. Borrowing against money you've put into a CD opens the door for a lower interest rate than you get with an unsecured loan. And since you can use any of our CDs as your guarantee, you have a wider variety of terms available to you. Use the CD Secured Loan to borrow for almost any of your needs or small projects while still earning interest back on your CD.

FSG's CD Secured Loan is also an excellent option for building credit and increasing your credibility with lenders. The CD Secured Loan's fixed interest rate makes budgeting your payment amounts easier, and being able to choose your monthly due date gives you flexibility to budget around other monthly payments like rent and utilities. So whether you're paying for school or purchasing your season tickets, consider the smart opportunity to build your credit with a CD Secured Loan.

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