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The Business of Relationships

FSG Bank practices a relational approach to banking. Client care is not a phrase we simply use in marketing materials. It is the way we conduct our business.

We differentiate ourselves from the larger, global banks by providing the superior levels of service and local market expertise typically associated with smaller community banks. We have distinguished ourselves from the community banks by offering access to the banking expertise and capital typically found at the larger banks. 

We provide a better banking experience for mid-market and emerging growth companies. We do it by building meaningful relationships with our clients. FSG Bank isn't just a financial institution, it is a place where people go to find smart solutions - and where they stay because they find trusted advisors.

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Merchant services help you tap into this e-commerce and broaden your payment collection ability. Our solutions can provide your business with quick, efficient, and secure payment processing through all-in-one processing terminals as well as virtual terminals. Contact our Treasury Services to learn more about these solutions.

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