Personal Debit Cards

Who doesn't love getting cash back!

Use your FSG Bank CardCash® Debit Card on your credit card purchases, and receive up to 1% cash back on the items you buy. That's money we put back into your checking account. There's a reason they put the word ‘fun’ in refunds.

Signing up for cash back with CardCash is free. Click below to register for your cash back debit card with FSG Bank.

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How to Earn Cash Back

  1. REGISTER online
  2. USE YOUR DEBIT CARD for your everyday purchases.
  3. EXCEED YOUR MONTHLY MINIMUM of $600 in qualified non-PIN debit card purchases each month to start earning.
  4. PRESS CREDIT TO GET IT - Unlimited cash back per year! 1
    • 1.00% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $600.01 - $1,100.00
    • 0.50% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,100.01 - $1,600,000
    • 0.25% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,600.01 and higher.
  5. TRACK YOUR EARNINGS each month with a CardCash eStatement. Provide your email address at

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Need debit card help? 

Contact Customer Care (lost/stolen card; general questions):

Debit Card Activation:

  1. Terms and Conditions apply. Visit CardCash for details. To contact CardCash call 615-864-7520 or email