FSG is part of a special network. When you invest a large amount of money with us, we place your funds into CDs issued by other banks in our network - in increments of less than $100,000 – so that both principal and interest are eligible for complete FDIC protection. As a result, you can receive coverage from many banks while working with just one.


CDARS can significantly reduce your administrative burdens and save you time and money, especially during tax and financial reporting seasons.

  • Avoid consolidating statements or interest disbursements manually
  • Avoid calculating blended rates
  • Avoid . . .
    • Surety bonds
    • Collateralization requirements (e.g. monitoring collateral values on a recurring basis)
    • Opening accounts at different banks in different insurable capacities

Using CDARS, you'll receive monthly statements listing all your CDs, their maturity dates and issuers, your interest earned, and other details. You'll also receive a single, year-end 1099 for easier reporting. And as always, your confidential information remains protected.

Best of all, FSG is the only bank you need to deal with any time for any service. It’s as easy and simple as that. 

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Don't leave retirement to chance. With FSG's individual retirement account options, you can take more control of your financial future. Our Personal IRAs give you the flexibility to invest your cash assets when you want in any amount you want up to the annual contribution limit. 1


Is a Roth IRA better than a Traditional? What are tax implications of each for you? See this simple information to get start.

IRA Information


Self-employed? The SEP IRA gives you the opportunity to contribute to a tax-deferred IRA rather than into a pension fund. The SEP IRA's much higher contribution limit—the lesser of $52,000 or 25% of your income—lets you put much more away than the Traditional and Roth IRA options permit. Even more, a person who qualifies for a SEP may also have a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA if desired.

FSG can also help you with rollovers, transfers and conversions between accounts. For more information on the private retirement options from FSG Bank, contact us through our Account Inquiry. You can also find additional information about our IRAs and other retirement investments in our Business Savings and FSG Wealth sections.

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  1. The maximum combined contribution for Traditional and Roth IRAs is $5,500/year ($6,500 if over 50 years old).