Ethics Hotline

We at FSG Bank want our organization and employees to remain above board in every area. We commit to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, fairness and professionalism. While reaching our business goals is critical to our success, equally important is the way we achieve them. Every FSG Bank employee and director is expected to assess each business decision to see whether it is right, legal, and fair. 

What to Report

The Ethics Hotline is available to employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders as a method for reporting conduct that may be unethical, illegal, a violation of professional standards, or contradictory to FSG Bank’s Code of Conduct. 

When to Report

Before you contact the Ethics Hotline, we encourage you to contact our Enterprise Risk Department directly to present your concerns. You can reach them any time during our regular business hours by calling 404-443-1054.

Filing a Report

If you are uncomfortable speaking about your concerns to our Enterprise Risk Officer, you may create a report through the Ethics Hotline. This 24/7 hotline is operated independently by National Hotline Services. You do not need to give your name when contacting the hotline. Our Enterprise Risk Department and/or the Compliance Department will promptly investigate each report. Call the Ethics Hotline toll free at 855-422-4797.