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Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is one that is both flexible and disciplined. The portfolio construction process takes into consideration all available opportunities in the market. This includes the use of strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. Portfolios are well diversified and meet the specific risk tolerance and investment objectives of each client.

There is no style bias but rather an opportunity-driven approach. There are periods in the market where small stocks will outperform larger stocks and vice versa. There are also periods where the value style of investing is more in favor and periods where growth stocks offer the best risk reward. Our flexibility allows us to benefit from the shifting landscape and participate in the best available investment ideas.

The key to being a successful investor long-term is damage control. Risk control and discipline in managing portfolios is central to our philosophy. There are periods in the market where preservation of capital is more important than appreciation of capital. We believe that playing good defense is paramount to managing through these periods. We would rather lose opportunity than to lose investment capital.

Our portfolios are constructed with the goal of capturing a major percentage of the upside in markets during positive periods but only realizing a small percentage of the decline during negative periods. This approach allows for a smoother equity curve as investor's accounts grow at a steady pace although perhaps slower at times. Safety first, as we have found, is a good, long-term approach, and we always focus on capital preservation in our client portfolios.

Some of our services are as follows:
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Individual Securities Management
  • Fixed Income Portfolios
  • Nonproprietary Mutual Funds & ETFs
  • Risk Analysis
  • 401(k) Services

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